Every year, as part of our mission, we host a one-day conference. While we are confident in our ability to put together an interesting program, we approach the coordination of the event with some trepidation since we have little expertise in event planning. However, since we began bringing our event to the Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in 2013, all worries about event planning have vanished. Guided by our event coordinator Elizabeth Carl, we merely have to appear with our attendees and everything magically falls into place. Event preplanning is seamless. All questions are answered quickly, all problems are solved immediately and the staff’s flexibility and willingness to work with us is truly amazing. The day of the event, rooms and necessary equipment are set up perfectly. Food service is timely and the quality is remarkable. The staff is efficient, friendly and extremely helpful at all times. Our experience at the Riverhouse has been five star.

Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission
Annual Conference: 04/21/2017